Why Us

Qualification we’re often asked, if we’re good with %Library% or %Framework%. Usually we are, but even in case we are not, it’s a matter of reading the documentation, our common sense and experience. That’s what we call qualification – an ability to jump into something new and learn it quickly. Reliability there are 10 engineers working in the team now, so we’re not that big….

Shopify Quickstart Guide – How to Create Your Own shopify Store in Minutes

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to create online stores. It started its work in 2006 but now it is great system with expressive functionality. Cataloges, blogs, hundreds of apps, large theme store, access to PayPal and excellent documentation and community for all these things. But it is better to try once then to hear for thousand times. So let us start…

Zend_Gdata ACL patched framework version

While working on a task connected with updating ACL I found an interesting article and a patch there that adds ACL functionality to Zend_Gdata classes. As it might be inconvenient for some people (especially Windows users) to checkout specific revision and then patch it, I’m publishing here a patched version of ZF trunk rev. 24409 + ACL patch from rojakcoder.

iptables port forwarding with SNAT and DNAT

Assume we have a web server having node.js (or any other client-server software) installed behind a load balancer and teh web server has only internal IP address. We need to allow clients to connect to node.js. So we need to do port forwarding with iptables from load balancer’s 8000 to web server’s 8000. So the ideal model will look like on the figure below.

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