Zend_Gdata ACL patched framework version

While working on a task connected with updating ACL I found an interesting article and a patch there that adds ACL functionality to Zend_Gdata classes. As it might be inconvenient for some people (especially Windows users) to checkout specific revision and then patch it, I’m publishing here a patched version of ZF trunk rev. 24409 + ACL patch from rojakcoder.

phpdaemon installation, configuration and usage tips & tricks

If you own a website with too many AJAX requests like autocomplete or real-time features like auction bidding that require quick response and you also use Zend Framework or any other PHP heavy library/framework on your backend, then you end up with way too many HTTP requests to the backend each of them requires framework bootstrapping. You can launch any PHP profiler like xdebug to…

Website Screen scraping using Zend Framework

ZF is a component-based framework, so we can only use some of its packages for a specific task. For example, if we don’t need to build a site and don’t need MVC, dispatchers, routers and so on, we can include only necessary packages for the task. Assume we need to build a screen-scrapper for a site or group of sites. We’d need Zend_Dom_Query with its…

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