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we're often asked, if we're good with %Library% or %Framework%. Usually we are, but even in case we are not, it's a matter of reading the documentation, our common sense and experience. That's what we call qualification - an ability to jump into something new and learn it quickly.


there are 10 engineers working in the team now, so we're not that big. But we prefer stable relationship to stable growth. These days the average working time of our developer is 5 years. That's longer than your project is going to be developed, isn't it? And of course, we don't disappear all of a sudden just before the project launch.


basing on the feedback of our customers and our own experience, our hourly rate is about 25-50% lower than our competitors' in Eastern Europe. Because everyone is busy and we don't have to pay engineers on bench.

Our Service

PHP 5 / 7 Custom Development

If your project is not based on any mainstream PHP framework or you have a legacy PHP application to support, we're at your service. Of course, we're good with PHP 7 new features and try our best to be PSR-compliant :) We love packagist and composer.

AWS Infrastructure

the majority of our customers are on AWS. We host this site on EC2/CloudFront as well. Have a look at our blog articles on AWS advanced topics like autoscaling EC2 and RDS. Amazon Web Services are great in features, scalability and reliability.

PHP Framework Development

as of today, we prefer Laravel or micro frameworks like Slim, silex or Phalcon. We do try to follow the frameworks documentation and use as many composer/packagist packages as possible. We also commit into some opensource libraries on github.


whether you're lacking a MySQL index or would like to speed up your fulltext search with Elasticsearch or sphinx, we're here to help. Database design, query optimization and administration are the core aspects of every heavily loaded website development, no matter what RDBMS or NoSQL engine you choose.

Latest work

Here are only a few of our completed projects. Have a look at our Upwork profile: there are more than 120,000 hours of tracked time and more than 300 positive feedbacks from happy customers.
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  • Make Us a Website
  • Dakota Territory Custom Homes
  • Anstrex
  • Kaylium
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  • My Hippo Space
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  • Netsanity
  • Footballpredictions
  • Ezymathtutoring
  • Deerasa
  • Condor USA
  • VidSync
  • Incubuilder CRM
  • sofienet
  • Dental Sleep Solutions
  • businessname.com.au
  • The Gift of Education
  • rankexperts
  • aphlogin
  • Ag PhD Field Guide
  • Cardwiser
  • Townsville Holidays
  • bouf
  • Lokadot.com
  • DealDay

Meet the Team

  • Sergey Gerashchenko

    Sergey Gerashchenko

    PHP Developer
    Sergey has been working in the team since its foundation. Zend Framework, custom PHP/MySQL development, symfony can be mentioned as his most advanced skills. He's also a great team player and a team leader.
  • Sergey Shkarupa

    Sergey Shkarupa

    PHP Developer
    Sergey joined our team and started working on bouf.com e-commerce application. He managed to increase the performance by a few times during peak seasonal sales. MySQL optimization, AWS stack (EC2, RDS, VPC, SES) are among his strong points.
  • Artyom Kovalenko

    Artyom Kovalenko

    PHP Developer
    Artyom showed himself as an outstanding problem solver, a great PHP engineer and a team player. His portfolio includes a project based on Concrete5 CMS done for a government sector (non-US).
  • Anton Ostapchenko

    Anton Ostapchenko

    PHP Developer
    Working on an NDA-protected project, Anton specializes on various VoIP integrations, predictive dialers, capture leads/sales systems etc. MongoDB NoSQL storage as well as PHP and specifically Phalcon framework are his areas of expertise.
  • Mikhail Starushko

    Mikhail Starushko

    PHP Developer
    Mikhail has been working on several projects: developing a pay-per-view premium content streaming platform; site about the most up-to-date agronomy technologies using the FMC HatchTrak newsletter. He is experienced in PHP frameworks such as: Yii2 and Laravel; frontend libraries/languages: jQuery, AJAX and of course both client- and serverside Node.js.
  • Stanislav Zhuk

    Stanislav Zhuk

    PHP Developer
    Stanislav was able to get into a fintech project (based on Yii1 framework) very quickly and introduced a bunch of new features into the project. He was responsible for PHP5->PHP7 migration as well as developing a RESTful API from sctratch for the customer's mobile applications. There were some new CI/CD processes he added to the project as well.
  • Alexandr Vorobiov

    Alexandr Vorobiov

    PHP Developer
    Alexandr has a great experience in algorithmic tasks, SQL-queries and general performance optimization. He's mainly focused on complex WP development. If you need to improve existing processes or create a custom solution for your projects (no matter if they are Wordpress or bespoke PHP or MVC frameworks based) and business – just ask Alexander and he’ll find a solution.
  • Denis Kostaev

    Denis Kostaev

    PHP Developer
    For more than 5 years Den has been showing outstanding performance combined with quality, understanding the business values of his customers and of course attention to detail. He has a lot of experience with ERP systems design and implementation and backend PHP development based on mainstream frameworks such as Laravel.
  • Sergey Shevchenko

    Sergey Shevchenko

    PHP Developer
    Sergey is a talented and highly skilled web developer, joined our team about 4 years ago. His portfolio includes several projects based on Vue.js and Laravel. Some of them use NoSql databases like MongoDB and Amazon DynamoDB. The main Sergey qualities are attention to detail, result orientation and large skillset.
  • Bazavluk Dmitriy

    Bazavluk Dmitriy

    PHP Developer
    Dmitriy came to our team only 3 years ago, but every day he made a great contribution to the development of the team and became the team leader 2 years ago. Docker & Vagrant, PHP & NodeJS, Laravel & Symfony, Vue.js & jQuery, MySQL & MongoDB, Eloquent & Doctrine and a lot of CRM's and API integrations he provided in projects for this time.
  • Ihor Koval

    Ihor Koval

    Ihor is a professional full stack developer with fantastic knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Vue.js, jQuery, JS, API, REST. He has a great experience on a technically challenging projects. Ihor's main goal is to create a clear seamless safe code with attention to details.
  • Dmitry Potapenko

    Dmitry Potapenko

    Dmitry is a full stack developer with 4 years of experience in web development. He is proactive, client oriented, skilled PHP engineer with the focus on Laravel and symfony MVC frameworks. Dmitry has broad experience in the frontend development and uses VueJS framework extensively in his projects. Dmitriy is a problem solver and a great team player.
  • Andrey Vasilyakin

    Andrey Vasilyakin

    Andrey is a mobile application developer with about 4 years experience in software development including design, analysis, development, and deployment. He's experienced in Mobile Application Operating systems like Android and iOS. Being skilled, motivated and product-oriented mobile application developer with strong Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Andrey is also a great team player.
  • Yevhenii Hryshchenko

    Yevhenii Hryshchenko

    Bio will be added soon

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