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Latest work

Here are only a few of our completed projects. Have a look at our Upwork profile: there are more than 75,000 hours of tracked time and more than 100 positive feedbacks from happy customers.

Why Us

Qualification we’re often asked, if we’re good with %Library% or %Framework%. Usually we are, but even in case we are not, it’s a matter of reading the documentation, our common sense and experience. That’s what we call qualification – an ability to jump into something new and learn it quickly. Reliability there are 10 engineers working in the team now, so we’re not that big….

Scraping in queue using Amazon SQS and supervisord

Some day or other, every PHP programmer is faced with the performance issue caused by a script with a huge loop. If one its operation takes a lot of time and there are thousands of such iterations, then the threat of script execution time lack is more than real. One of the options is to bypass the problem with CRON tool: schedule to execute CRON…

Automating RDS scaling using HAProxy with AWS SDK for PHP

This article is a sequel of Automating EC2 scaling using on-demand and spot instances with AWS SDK for PHP. The system we described there is not perfect for using it as a platform for web application: several EC2 instances are launched from the same AMI but each instance has its own database isolated from others. Here we’re going to use the already existing system and…

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