Scraping products from Walmart with PHP, Guzzle, Crawler and Doctrine

February 2, 2016 PHP As Is, PHP Recipes

You know web scraping is a useful technique of data extraction from websites, especially if there is no any API or there is a ton of data that can’t be got in another way. The most simple and well-known way is to use CURL. But it is easy only in the aspect of using third-party […]

Installing and configuring virtual ubuntu server using Vagrant

July 18, 2014 PHP As Is, PHP Recipes

What is Vagrant? Vagrant is free and open-source software. It is used for creating and using virtual development environments. Vagrant is a wrapper between VirtualBox (or other virtualization software) and configuration management. Why do we need it? Usually, each developer in team has own development environment, which configured for his needs.┬áBut this may become troublesome. […]

Automating SQL injection analysis with PHP, sqlmap, Gearman

December 23, 2013 MySQL, PHP As Is, PHP Recipes

If you’re in web development area, you certainly know about SQL injection attack. There is also a well-known joke about it on xkcd: There is a tool for automating SQL injection discovery, called sqlmap, you can find it on github

BTC-e Trading Bot Written in PHP

December 14, 2013 PHP As Is, PHP Recipes

Nowadays, the popularity of bitcoin (BTC) is increasing tremendously, there are quite a few BTC excahge sites on the web. After experiencing certain difficulties with MtGox, people started looking for alternatives, and one of them was a Russian exchange These days when bitcoin increased like 10 times in two weeks, people started actively looking […]

PHP Website Scraping using Chrome Web Driver

December 7, 2013 PHP As Is, PHP Recipes

Sometimes it happens that there is a complex website that is can’t be parsed with so called “regular” cURL + DOM xpath technique. People tend to protect their data with Javascript techniques, nowadays there are pure-Javascript sites popular, and, as you know, one can’t interpret JS using PHP or any other language you’re using for […]

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