Using Zencoder with Zend Framework

Zencoder is an API-based online video and audio encoding service. Zencoder converts videos from your website, application, or video library into formats that are compatible with web playback, mobile phone, or any other device you need to support. Zencoder have friendly API and php library. We can use this library with Zend Framework after some modifications. Click here to download modified library.

First we must write js script, that will send ajax request to some Zend Framework controller and will receive response with information about created encoding job

Then write controller, that will create encoding job with some parameters, will update encoding job status or will save to session url of encoded file

Update encoding status script will be as follows

And last, function that retrieves the current encoding status

Official zencoder api documentation:
Author: Sergey Gerashchenko

  • Jack

    Just a quick question… How did you modify the Zencoder PHP API? It looks like there isn’ta link provided to the changes you made to the API.

  • admin

    Hi, Jack. I fixed link in the post, so you can download zip with library now ( Thanks for you reply.

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