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Using Zencoder with Zend Framework

Zencoder is an API-based online video and audio encoding service. Zencoder converts videos from your website, application, or video library into formats that are compatible with web playback, mobile phone, or any other device you need to support. Zencoder have friendly API and php library. We can use this library with Zend Framework after some modifications. Click here to download modified library.

USPS Web Tools guide

Besides its primary role – delivering mail, USPS allows several other functions by means of In order to use them you’ll need to make xml in conformance with USPS Web Tools documentation and send it as for example cURL request. Below given is a class that will handle all these cURL requests. It’s the class serving all the requests in this article. We’ll need…

Zend_Gdata_Youtube and disallowing commenting/embedding of video

Even in the latest ZF stable release 1.11.4 there is still no support of new Youtube API accessControl element. The framework is still using yt:noembed option and has no support for disallowing commenting at all. As I tried yt:noembed – it wasn’t working, so we need to add support to ZF of this feature. First we need to understand how Youtube feed needs to be…

World boundaries kmz, shp

If you’re looking for a file with world countries boundaries: here is the link¬† This great site has both level 1 and 2 administrative subdivisions of countries. Very useful is you want to show countries overlay in your map

Setting up mysql proxy (windows)

Sometimes you need to view the exact query that your client sent to the server. For example, if you don’t know how PDO binds and escapes params or you’re using ORM. There is mysql proxy utility to facilitate this. So in order to install it you should: 1. Download the distribution from¬† … 2. You don’t need to install anything. Just launch

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