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Removing duplicate rows in MySQL

Getting rid of duplicate table rows in mysql seems to be a very often issue. And there are few well-known solutions like e.g. creating temporary table and copying there only unique ones with group by and then drop the old and rename the newly one. But this solution is bad because we lose auto_increment counters and we might not have all grant privileges to do…

How to bypass IP validation with cURL script

Hi All, all we know the Tor network for anonymous surfing. In case you’ve never header about it – welcome to … network%29 So, can we use it in a php cURL script to bypass IP validation, country or even your own provider IP ban? Yes, we can. And here is the tutorial.

Elance PHP5 code test (with answers)

Here is the list of problems with correct answers for Elance PHP5 Code Test: 1. recursive xml traversal:   function ReadXml($xmlstr) { static $res = “; $xml = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlstr);   if(count($xml->children())) { $res .= $xml->getName().PHP_EOL; foreach($xml->children() as $child) { ReadXml($child->asXML()); } } else { $res .= $xml->getName().‘: ‚.(string)$xml.PHP_EOL; }   return $res; }

Zend_Dom_Query::loadHTML() problems with UTF-8

in order to prevent damaging charset while usnig Zend_Dom_Query please see the hack below. It happens that you experience wrong characters even if the document is UTF-8 and you specified this encoding when you creted your Zend_Dom_Query instance. The problem is in Zend_Dom_Query::queryXpath() method on line   $domDoc->loadHTML($document);

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