XCINEX is a pay-per-viewer premium content streaming platform. Just like gaming consoles that brought games out of the arcades and into tens of millions of homes worldwide, XCINEX aims to stream first-run content like theatrical films, live events, musicals, concerts, sports, shows and much more directly to the comfort of your home. With XCINEX, you get access to the latest entertainment content when you want it. The great news is, you only pay for content you consume. No subscription fees, no sign up fees and no hassle. Welcome to XCINEX, the pure a-la-carte premium entertainment experience. Android and iOS apps.

Team Size: 1 developer fulltime
Platform: *nix (Linux, apache 2.2, mysql 5, php 5)
Languages, technologies, frameworks: PHP 5: Yii2 framework jQuery, AJAX Node.js APIs: swagger
Timeline: 10.2014 - 03.2015