Realtime web application. Users can bid on any active auction item and win it at any moment. The first one who bid is the winner, price is dropping down constantly. Some interesting techniques have been used such as node.js with for handling realtime events. Server infrastructure has been built with a load balancer with nginx reverse caching server on it and several apache backends , 1 db server. phpDaemon has been setup for fast ajax responses. See some technical posts about it on and

Team Size: 2 developers fulltime
Platform: *nix (Linux, apache 2.2, nginx, mysql 5, php 5).
Languages, technologies, frameworks: PHP 5: Zend framework jQuery, AJAX, node.js, phpDaemon monit, iptables, rsnapshot (with remote ssh connectivity for backups)
Timeline: 03.2011 – 06.2012 (retired)