Scraping in queue using Amazon SQS and supervisord

August 24, 2016 Amazon Web Services/AWS

Some day or other, every PHP programmer is faced with the performance issue caused by a script with a huge loop. If one its operation takes a lot of time and there are thousands of such iterations, then the threat of script execution time lack is more than real. One of the options is to […]

Automating RDS scaling using HAProxy with AWS SDK for PHP

May 26, 2016 Amazon Web Services/AWS

This article is a sequel of Automating EC2 scaling using on-demand and spot instances with AWS SDK for PHP. The system we described there is not perfect for using it as a platform for web application: several EC2 instances are launched from the same AMI but each instance has its own database isolated from others. […]

Automating EC2 scaling using on-demand and spot instances with AWS SDK for PHP

April 8, 2016 Amazon Web Services/AWS

One of the Amazon Web Services features is to run and manage virtual servers provided by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). This service covers most use cases, including the case when your project needs additional resources: then you can simply scale your system capacity with new instances and remove them when they aren’t needed […]

Creating WP plugin for remote managing Zendesk tickets via Gravity Forms

February 10, 2016 Wordpress

Zendesk is a great platform for the fast creating your own CRM which can be used to save and process your customers’ feedback as a tickets. So if your company has a website which uses WordPress platform, and you’d like to convert all/one form(s) submissions into a Zendesk ticket, here is a solution we suggest. […]

Scraping products from Walmart with PHP, Guzzle, Crawler and Doctrine

February 2, 2016 PHP As Is, PHP Recipes

You know web scraping is a useful technique of data extraction from websites, especially if there is no any API or there is a ton of data that can’t be got in another way. The most simple and well-known way is to use CURL. But it is easy only in the aspect of using third-party […]